Deblec Control Systems offer programming and configuration of most major brands of PLC, HMI
and SCADA systems.

Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Moeller, Automation Direct to name but a

With intuitive and efficient programming we can ensure your process runs safely, smoothly and
reliably, we can also assist customers in modifying existing PLC programs to suite customer’s
ongoing process developments and help improve productivity by optimizing processes.

In addition to providing software solutions using current generation hardware, we also have the ability to service and program discontinued legacy products like the Texas 5TI sequencers. We can provide a complete programming service, modifications, software backups, remote assistance, regardless of the level of support you need, Deblec Control Systems can help.

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Repeat custom means more to us than achieving a one off sale, a personal working relationship is enjoyed by all our customers, confidence comes from our continued ability to perform, pride comes from continued customer satisfaction.

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