Deblec are dedicated to designing and supporting motion control systems across a wide range of industry sectors from printing and packaging to material manufacture and pride ourselves in providing reliable cost-effective motor control drive solutions, specific to your needs.

Automation and control systems covers a broad array of situations, from semi-automatic operated machinery, through to fully automatic process plants, most systems contains motion control in some shape or form, be it controlled by a simple direct-on-line starter or a multi axis servo controlled system, Deblec’s engineers can provide support in all motion control applications.

Some recent projects that we have actively assisted our customers include:

Multi axis servo draw/cut to length applications for bag, pouch machines, variable speed conveyor systems, pressure controlled pumping systems, stepper controlled flexograpic print cylinder positioning systems, closed loop control film and paper winders, high speed slitting, tension control systems using adjustable servo syncron control, steel rolling mills and extruder control systems using both AC Vector and DC drives.

We specialise in anything from drive breakdowns, upgrades to complete drive system design, build, installation and commissioning using the very latest range of Schneider motion products.

Deblec can help with replacing ageing obsolete motion systems with modern equivalents that is well documented and backed up giving your machine a new lease of life.

A recent project that Deblec was involved with was to upgrade of a mechanically good Eldec slitter, the original magnetically coupled motor and drive system was removed due to continued reliability issues and replaced with an off the shelf standard induction motor and a new control panel incorporating Parker vector drives, Mitsubishi PLC/HMI and a Pilz safety system, complete with a new laser core alignment system.

The upgrade has provided a cost effective new lease of life for this mechanically sound machine.

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